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White dress

The white dress The black dress The who-wore-it-best dress. Women, Adorn yourselves to satisfy the rage in men but it is our rage they shall find underneath.

I’m Tired

I’m tired. Aren’t you tired? Do you feel the weight of today under the weight of tomorrow? America wakes up tired. We’re exhausted from the political divide Covid-19 or Delta or Omicron or whatever variant is currently chasing us in the streets at our jobs and down the aisles. ‘The greatest country in the world’… Continue Reading →

How I Met My Husband

In 1994 I was actively involved in a local theater group. I had one year before broken up with a verbally abusive, spoiled white boy who used to say “White people are going to be the minority in 25 years!” I had the self esteem of a beaten dog at this time, so please forgive… Continue Reading →

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