Burn it All: An Introduction

I’m a Transformation Coach, but first and foremost, I’m a writer. This is my blog.

For my first post, I’m getting political and jumping into the center of current events. Might as well get to know me with a bold introduction. But stay for the cupcakes and lemonade. I’m fierce but also funny and sweet. You’ll see.

I like staying up to date on the news and current events. This wasn’t always the case. I used to ignore the news and trust God to make everything alright. Oh, how silly and stupid I was. I literally said, when Trump was elected, “Well, how bad can it get? I mean we can always vote him out in 4 years.” See, how dumb I was, because we are now in a dumpster fire.

For most of my news information I start with Twitter, where all the smart, cool people go (and obviously, some not-so-cool people too). Then I jump to my news journalist apps like The New York Times, The New Yorker, and The Washington Post. It can take a toll on me if I stay in Twitter world too long, so I put it away for awhile then come back periodically throughout the day to see if the President has taken a fall or to find if the LGBTQ+ community, BlackLivesMatter are winning against the racism and prejudice that is currently blazing through our country’s states and streets.

When I see videos and reports of black and brown people dying under the supposed “help” of the nation’s police forces, I cry. When I see journalists and photographers being arrested and hit with rubber bullets, I fume. When I see our country on fire, I raise my fist and say, “Yes! Burn it all!” This is 2020 in what was once considered the greatest country on earth. But now there exists a battle between white nationalism and “liberty and justice for all” and the world is watching.

I am a white woman who grew up in a small town where people of color were not allowed during my childhood and teen years, but I am no ‘Karen.’ I won’t call the police or ask to speak to the manager due to white-privilege power. I will hold out my hand, offer a smile, and ask how I can help. This is a time in American history for the history books, and I want to make sure we have a victorious ending, where a person’s skin color no longer determines their future. I want to vote out all old, white men, and bring women and color into our political folds. I want to see an end to gun violence and to de-militarize police forces. I want no part of “Make America Great Again” because when you say that, you do not mean for people of color, but only for whites. You do not mean for LGBTQ+ people, but only those who follow the religiously biased Adam & Eve scenario and who assume everyone should follow their religion.

Now that you’re getting to know me, I hope you stick around and learn more. I have a lot of roles (daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, grandmother, US citizen, Hoosier, etc.), and my role as a writer will touch on each of these other roles over time. I’ve waited a long time for the courage to be all of these at once. And now, in this shitty 2020 year , which is a combination of some of our country’s worst years ( think 1918, 1968, and 2008), I want to speak out and speak up and write like I mean it.

Much love to you, Dear Reader.



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