Noom Journey: 2-months

12 lbs down today. That double chin is getting smaller.

Happy Fall y’all. It is getting cooler, the leaves are turning and starting to fall, and I have the windows wide open. It is always such a thrill for me to experience the transition of seasons. I’m a Pumpkin-spice kind of girl, so I’ve put away my Lilac candles and Glade plug-ins for the anything-pumpkin-or-marshmallow smelling items. This includes my lotions and soaps. Anyone else relate?

Let’s get to where I am at currently in my weight-loss journey. Being on a weight-loss journey, I’ve made changes to my food choices and how I spend my time being active. It’s been exactly two months since I started this journey, and I want to share where I’ve struggled and also succeeded.

First, I started out weighing 248 lbs. I currently am at 236.6 lbs. I had been hovering in the 240s for what felt like forever. Once last week the number on the scale fell below 240, for about two hours. I didn’t believe it, so I went back to the scale a bit later and found that I was back to 241. It was on this day that I realized getting on the scale was a bit of an obsession, so I backed away from weighing myself for a few days after that. I needed to clear my head about the scale and check in with how I was feeling inside my body which is an even greater tool than any scale could ever be. Today, I weighed myself and saw 236.6. I said, “Holy shit!” and danced in my bathroom naked as a jaybird celebrating. “Finally,” I thought, “my body is ready to change.”

I’ve loved eating the summer vegetables and fruits, and have incorporated a lot of low-calorie smoothies and protein shakes in my daily meal planning. My favorite protein shake products are from Ideal Shape. They have a lot of delicious flavors, are easy to digest, and there is a great recipe book with a lot of ways to enjoy the shakes without getting bored. I’m not at all getting paid to tell you about them. I just really like them. I add some frozen banana to the chocolate flavor, or frozen strawberries to the vanilla flavor, and add in my coffee to the mocha flavor. They are always delicious and keep me feeling full for hours. I usually have one for breakfast or for an afternoon snack (before or after my workout). Check out their Weight Loss Program too for daily exercises and encouragement. Just the workout plan alone is fabulous if you’re like me and need a laid-out plan to get healthy because your own brain keeps telling you to stay in bed or stay on the couch because you don’t know what to do even if you tried.

This takes me to the physical fitness part of my journey. I’ve been very consistent with signing up and showing up for personal training sessions at the Employee-sponsored gym or at Planet Fitness for the Design Your Own Program. I really enjoy strength training and circuit training. I can already see a difference in my performance ability and my energy level. I push myself when I’m there, and I may complain about the cardio portion of the workout, but I do it telling myself “You can do hard things!” or “This is not going to be the thing that kills you. Finish strong!”

On days when I’m not in the gym, I take long walks or play tennis or walk my daughter’s dog around her neighborhood. I’ve considered myself generally a lazy person, but when I choose physical activity that lights me up, it isn’t a chore but a gift to myself. I CHOOSE to move my body in a way that is pleasurable and joyful. For example, when I choose to take a walk, I don’t just hop on a treadmill or walk around the apartment complex where I’m currently at. I love looking at beautiful homes or the water, so I often choose downtown neighborhoods by the Ohio River or along the sidewalks of neighborhoods where I would like to live. Manifesting on the Move! (Hey, a new program idea. Yay!)

As I’ve let you in on my successes and struggles during this journey, I want to emphasize that losing weight really sucks. It is hard mentally, emotionally, and physically. It takes perseverance and determination. It takes support. If you are struggling and want support, I can help. My superpower is encouraging others (and editing, but that’s a different subject). It’s why I’ve shifted into Life Coaching as a career. I want to be there for you and others, by being the person I always wish I’d had by my side as I’ve navigated adulting, weight loss, and critical thoughts.

Lots of love,


P.S. I found online this beautiful artist/poet, Morgan Harper Nichols, who has an app that you can download called The Storyteller for daily inspirations and affirmations. Here is a link to a post she recently made which I thought was perfect to share in this seasonal transition time, “Let each season teach you.” I hope you’ll check out her work and support her if you feel called to do so.

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